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About me

I am a part-time social work student at the University of Georgia and a full-time high school guidance counselor.  I am an educator by trade and a helper at heart.  This is my space to tag all the social work things I find interesting…and perhaps share some ideas with others.


5 responses to “About me

  1. Maiya says:

    hello, how do I follow your blog. I am a stay a mom from Papua New Guinea who writes poetry mostly on social issues. I love reading about these issues so I can write with a bit of depth so pls tell me how it subscribe to your blog.

  2. Maiya, thanks for visiting. If you want to follow my blog, go down the right-hand column to where it says, “follow my blog via email.” I just added a button that says, “Follow.” If you use WordPress, then it should automatically send you emails. The RSS links can also be used, but it won’t email you. Take care!

  3. You have an amazingly informative blog, Georgia. I’ll be putting a link on my blog about PTSD in adult female survivors of childhood sexual abuse. Thanks for the great service you are performing here!

  4. Gerry, thanks for the encouragement! Information is power. Thanks for adding a link, too. Take care!

  5. I can’t get over what an incredible and complete resource you have here Georgia. I know I’ve left comments before but keep coming back to see what you’ve written. Kudos in spades!

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