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CSA: New law allows child sex victims to use a one-way screen when testifying in court

on December 28, 2011


by NBC25 Newsroom

Posted: 12.13.2011 at 1:00 PM

LANSING — A new screen will shield children of sex crimes from testimony trauma.

Attorney General Bill Schuette reports the Michigan Supreme Court will now allow children to sue a one-way screen that shields children from “re-victimization caused by the trauma of witnessing an accused rapist in court.”

“There is no constitutional right to stare down a child victim,” said Schuette in a written release.  “This is a commonsense step that protects the well-being of child victims while preserving the integrity of the criminal justice process.”

Lawmakers thought it would be a good idea to implement this legislation after an 8-year-old Michigan boy used it in a courtroom when taking the stand against 27-year-old Ronald Carl Rose the man who allegedly molested him.

However, the use of the screen was later challenged by Rose who claimed the screen violated his right to confront the victim and the presumption of innocence.  Despite those challenges, Rose was convicted on four counts of first degree criminal sexual conduct.

Schuette says the screen is just one step he is taking to protect abuse victims.



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